• Online Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
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  • pc
  • online
Enter the dark depths of despair with friends in this co-op submarine simulation.

Submarine Horror Game 'Barotrauma' Fully Launches on Steam


It's always good to see a game graduate from early access and join the ranks of fully-released games. Barotrauma, the 2D submarine simulator from Daedelic Entertainment, first appeared as a Steam Early Access game way back in 2019. After several years of updates, Barotrauma has emerged from Early Access and become a full Steam game. This one allows up to 16 online players to pilot a submarine together while dealing with monstrous sea creatures and other threats.

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  • pc
  • online
One space ping only

Survive the Depths of Europa With Friends in Barotrauma

Ever since Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime arrived four year ago, seems like we've seen an uptick in co-op games where players work together to manage/pilot a ship, which is A-OK by me! The newest entry in the cooperative ship simulator is Barotrauma, a game from Finnish developers FakeFish and Undertow where players control a submarine as it explores the watery depths of Europa.

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