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Blast Bugs in HEXAPODA, Coming Soon to Consoles and PC
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Blast Bugs in HEXAPODA, Coming Soon to Consoles and PC

This 4-player co-op shoot 'em up is full of bugs, and somebody's got to exterminate them.

Shoot 'em ups are always better in co-op, but most games in the genre only support 2-player local co-op. Not so for HEXAPODA, an upcoming shmup from TOMAGameStudio. This game, in which players pilot ships against an army of evil insects, supports 4-player local co-op. It's coming soon to consoles and PC, so get ready to blast some bugs!

HEXAPODA's most striking feature is its lo-fi visual style. The game displays at a 288P resolution and makes use of a mostly black and gray color palette. Blue and purple effects add some striking contrast to the otherwise dark visuals. The insect-like enemies are quite distinct, and the player ships have a nice resemblance to Gradius, too. Oh, and the display can be rotated to play in a "tate" orientation.



  • Playable from 1 to 4 players.
  • 2 Modes: Normal & Difficult,
  • Unlock the 3 Different endings, new features, and new items with "the new game "
  • 12 stages
  • 4 futuristic combat aircrafts with their own style of shooting
  • Fight all the enemies and complete the bestiary full of giant creatures inspired by existing insects
  • Unlock all the30 Achievements
  • Take the lead of the online Leaderboards.
  • An OST with 20 epic tracks: Composed by the French electronic music band,

Bullet hell shoot 'em ups aren't really my thing, but HEXAPODA's dark style and 4-player co-op really have me intrigued. Let's hope this one will be fun for both casual and hardcore shmup players!

HEXAPODA will be released on consoles and Steam "soon." The developer couldn't confirm a specific release window, but we're assuming that the game will arrive sometime in the first half of the year,