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Toasterball Will Pop Up on Nintendo Switch on November 30
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Toasterball Will Pop Up on Nintendo Switch on November 30

The silly toaster-based sports game will soon arrive on Nintendo's console.

Thanksgiving is a time when many Americans gather with their families and watch football. Like it or not, that's the sport of Thanksgiving. Still, after the holiday has passed, people still need their sports fix, and that's where Toasterball comes in. Toasterball is a lot like volleyball except that instead of attractive female athletes, it is played by toasters from around the world. Yes, it's a silly sports game, and it's coming to Switch at the end of November.

Toasterball comes from French developer Les Crafteurs. The sport here is patterned after volleyball, but it works a little differently. Rather than trying to get the ball to hit the ground on the opponent's side, players must knock down a wall behind the opposing team and then hit the ball through it. The catch is that you don't freely walk around and jump like in a normal volleyball game. Instead, players move by individually controlling the two levers of the toaster. This will cause the device to flop to the side, jump, or even double jump. Each toaster also has a piece of bread that it can fire and catch, the point being to block the ball with the bread slice. It's a chaotic, wacky experience, as you'd expect from a physics-heavy game like this.

Toasterball Steam


  •  Easy to learn, hard to master: The basics of Toasterball are very simple: just press one of the two buttons on your toaster for a short time, release it… and voilà! The longer you press, the higher your toast will fly.
  •  Unexpected variants: After each goal, a random gameplay variant is selected. New ball physics, lava pits, portals, moving platforms or explosions… No two matches are the same! 
  •  Iconic arenas:  Visit the 5 unique arenas from the game from the legendary Toasterball Arena to the warm beaches of Porto Rada.
  •  AI toasters: Meet Beep, Boop, and Bleep-Bloop, your new-generation AI toasters. Add them to your matches to fill the empty slot in your team, or for some single player fun!
  •  Custom matches: Enter the "custom mode" to choose any combination of variants and arenas you want. 
  •  Legendary athletes: Whether you are team Burners or Defrosters, play as one of the 14 legendary athletes from the Toasterball league!

Toasterball supports 2-player local co-op and 4-player competitive multiplayer. It will arrive on Switch on Thursday, November 30. The Steam version is already available and sells for $9.99.