Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition Gets Some Good Tweaks on Steam
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Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition Gets Some Good Tweaks on Steam

Blasting villains and zombies in co-op just got even smoother.

Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition arrived on Steam this month, bringing some good, old fashioned arcade-style run-and-gun shooting to PC. While the game's reception has been quite good, developer Monster Bath Studios is already pumping out updates to fix the minor issues that players have discovered. It's great when a developer cares about their product!

Deathwish Enforcers is an homage/parody of Konami's Sunset Riders. Rather than the Wild West, this one takes place in a late 1960s world inspired by Dirty Harry and other classic movies. Players select from five characters in the Special Edition. The new character, Maxwell Bondage, is a parody of James Bond. The team of action heroes will start out on the mean streets of San Francisco before traveling through a cemetery, a jungle, and other varied locations in their quest to stomp out the bad guys.

Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition Steam co-op

The newest update is version 1.2b6, but several updates have come along in the last two weeks. Here are the most substantial improvements so far:


  • small fixes and v-sync menu option


  • -Added animated gloved hand pointer to menus
  • -Fixed missing barf sound on hanging zombies
  • -Made rails in 3-2(haunted house) when you can jump down more visible but sharp and spikey to show you can't get back up.
  • -Added tarp to crates in 3-3 (haunted house basement/burning house) to make it more visible for where you should jump up.
  • -Also added a box of dildos in 3-3(I know they're too new looking but I like them ;))
  • -Added debris around boxes and tarp in 3-3
  • -Put dynamite warning "about to blow" sign behind bullets
  • -Sped up mid boss in 2-1 (helicopter) accent and decent for a faster fight
  • -Shortened ending of interrogation
  • -Made player invincible jumping down from an upper platform
  • -Added experimental 4:3 mode (letterboxed) I'm still doing a proper 4:3 full screen mode.

The developer has promised that an improved 4:3 mode and even more enhancements are on the way in the future.

Deathwish Enforcers Special Edition supports 4-player local co-op (and Remote Play Together). It sells for $19.99 on Steam. We can confirm that it runs well on Steam Deck too.

The original edition of Deathwish Enforcers sells for $22.99 on PlayStation and Switch. For lots more information, read our developer interview!