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Megaton Musashi W Gets a Major Update and First Sale on Steam and Switch
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Megaton Musashi W Gets a Major Update and First Sale on Steam and Switch

The mech action RPG just got bigger, but its price is smaller (for a limited time only).

Megaton Musashi W from LEVEL5 is a mecha-themed action RPG for Switch and Steam. The game tells an epic story of humans piloting mechs as they fight to take back the planet from alien invaders. Megaton Musashi just got even bigger thanks to a major update that adds the famous anime robot, Grendizer, as a pilotable mech. What's more, the game is currently on sale for half off for the first time!

Here's the official description of Megaton Musashi W, which is the third game in the Megaton Musashi series:

Customize the parts and weapons of giant robot Rogues to take back the Earth from alien invaders in this mecha action RPG. Defeat enemies with flashy and exhilarating attacks!

  • Engage in exciting robot battles while being immersed in a thrilling story! As Earth faces invasion by an alien force, a number of young people are chosen to pilot giant robots called Rogues to take back their home in this enthralling mecha action RPG. Customize your Rogue to make it your own, master flashy attacks in the midst of battle, and enjoy an intricate tale full of rich characters.
  • Hack and slash through missions to obtain legendary items! Eliminate your enemies with invigorating attacks to clear missions! Win battles and obtain parts to upgrade your Rogue! Collect rare items including custom parts, weapons, and power-up materials! Find legendary items to assemble the ultimate mecha!
  • Fight alongside your friends to defeat powerful enemies, or take them on in head-to-head battles! Up to three players can either play cooperatively or participate in fiery versus battles against other teams of up to three online!
  • Collab mechs join the action! The classic super robots, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Combattler V, and Voltes V join Megaton Musashi in an epic collaboration! Both the mecha and their weapons are ready for battle! Collect all of the parts to assemble your own personalized battle machine!

Megaton Musashi W Grendizer

The recent Version 3.1.0 update has added the following mechs: Grendizer, Dragoknight, Amabushi, Sparkman Wave, Armored Gaudia, and more. Visit the game's official site for full patch notes with screenshots.

In more Megaton Musashi news, the 10-episode anime series is available to watch (in Japanese with English subtitles) on Crunchyroll. A PlayStation version of Megaton Musashi W is planned for the future, but no release date has been set.

Megaton Musashi W supports 3-player online co-op with crossplay. The game costs $49.99 on Switch and Steam. The current sale price of $24.99 is good through July 11.