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Online Co-op Will Come to Medieval Dynasty for Consoles on June 27
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Online Co-op Will Come to Medieval Dynasty for Consoles on June 27

Get ready to hunt deer and build a village with friends in the hit medieval survival game.

Back in December, the Steam version of Medieval Dynasty, the medieval survival simulation from Render Cube and Toplitz, received a major update that added 4-player online co-op to the game. Console gamers have been waiting for the online update for a while now, but that wait will soon come to an end. On June 27, both the Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 versions of Medieval Dynasty will get online co-op with crossplay!

Here's a quick list of what the "Oxbow" update will add:

  • Co-op mode (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New map - the Oxbow (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New storyline (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New side quests (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New generic quests (Oxbow exclusive)
  • Character creator (Oxbow exclusive)
  • Playable female character (Oxbow exclusive)
  • Female player's husband can take care of an infant (Oxbow exclusive)
  • Ability to romance and marry men as a female character (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New flirting dialogue lines (Oxbow exclusive)
  • New gifts for men (Oxbow exclusive)
  • "Notice board" quests in the main village in the Oxbow (Oxbow exclusive)

Medieval Dynasty

The update will arrive on Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and Epic on Thursday, June 27. At that time, the above versions of the game and the Steam version will be able to play online co-op together via crossplay. Hunting, gathering, and building a village with friends (and without the thread of the plague) should be a good time!

Medieval Dynasty sells for $34.99 on Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5Steam, and Epic. There are also $29.99 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, but those versions won't be getting the co-op update.