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Xbox Live Co-Op Game Night Reminder
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Xbox Live Co-Op Game Night Reminder

Just a reminder folks that the first official Xbox Live Co-Op Night is TOMORROW May 15th!  That's right, we've partnered with the fine folks from Microsoft for an official service wide co-op night!  So how do you get in on the action?

Simple - send a friend request to co optimus and then utilize the Friends of Friends feature to find other gamers looking to play the game of the night. 

So what's our first game?  Why Halo 3 of course!  So send those friend requests, or simply join up with your own friends to play some co-op Halo 3.  I can't wait to see everyone online!

One final thing, be sure to watch Community Confidential on Inside Xbox to see the announcement of co-op night as well as some spiffy Co-Optimus graphics.  I'll post up some pics I took after the break.