Too Human

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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Playing Too Human with Denis Dyack
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Playing Too Human with Denis Dyack

No, we didn't get to play Too Human with Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack.  Sure we've covered this game inside, outside, upside and leftside - but this week's 1UP show has a more personal look at the game as the crew from 1UP sit around an Xbox 360 with Dyack and plays some of his game. 

Dyack (as any developer should) shows off some of those, "I bet you didn't know this," type features and moments in the game while the crew drills him with questions.  Most of the questions have to do with the accessibility of the game, and Denis is quick to respond.  There's a good amount of gameplay footage and despite some of the recent negative previews, I'm thinking this game is looking better and better.

Hit the "read more" link to view the full 10 minute episode.