Interstellar Marines

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
Interstellar Marines: What Once Was Lost...
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Interstellar Marines: What Once Was Lost...

Which would you like first: The good news, or the bad news? Just a few months ago, we were wowed by the amount of community support pouring out for the guys responsible for Interstellar Marines. Then, the dream of four every-day guys were unfortunately put on hold. Rafoca, one of our own, had found this upsetting message to share.

"Zero Point Software's financier Gert Haar-Jorgensen revealed that the studio has laid off all of its employees and filed for bankruptcy. However, the company name, the IP and all IM code belongs to (and is protected in) a Holding company, and will be revived as soon as the restructuring has taken place."

Interstellar Marines, the co-op Action-FPS in a Sci-fi setting that many had high hopes for, hit a major speed bump recently. Amazing visuals and unique story ideas gave Interstellar Marines life - all it took was money woes to bring it crumbling down. We were all rooting for Interstellar Marines to pull through with their community funding, but it looks like they had hit a stop-point.

Fortunately, we uncovered additional news on the topic, stating that Zero Point Software is used to this kind of thing.


"The founders have started the task of salvaging, re-building, with a view to continue the work developing / releasing our material (although at initially reduced rate - please be patient) and at the same time, as we have done umpteen times in the past (but behind closed doors) re-evaluate our options for raising finance, in order to gear back up (again!) and re-employing every one of the Team (and the colleagues they need/deserve) as soon as humanly/financialy possible." wishes Zero Point Software a speedy recovery, and some Interstellar Marine action ASAP!