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This Week In Co-Op: The Quest for the Red Drum Pad - Page 2


It's all warm and fuzzy inside, not scary!

Actually, it wasn't too bad.  There were two circuit boards, and maybe a dozen or so wires, attached to the drum heads with a white goo, and secured by tape to the case itself.  Immediately, I saw the problem: the black wire attached to the red drum head had snapped off above the white gluey stuff.  (I'm sure that's the technical term.)  I sent my oldest fellow warrior to the armory to fetch a weapon: my wire stripping tool.  Five minutes, a few well placed strips of tape, and a visit to freestyle mode for testing later, and the battle-hardened trio were back on the front lines, with the red pad working perfectly once again.

In celebration, and to ensure that the orange cymbal, unused in Rock Band, was still working, we swapped in Guitar Hero World Tour.  Alas, the hour was late, and so the youngest of my comrades-in-arms had to take his shower, and get ready for bed.  I manned the drums and my elder son took up the axe.  So great was his confidence, due to our prior victory, that he decided to play on expert, while sitting down in a recliner.  We fired up the Tool gig, and from this, we learned two things.

Firstly, that while Tool is a fantastic music group, their songs do not translate particularly well in video game form, being so syncopated and strangely metered and outright long that it tries the patience of even mighty warriors like ourselves to get through them successfully.

Secondly, that when an axemaster messes around and fails out one of said overlong and weirdly metered songs at 99% completion, he should not be surprised when he receives a drumstick to the back of the head and is sent to bed.

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