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PAX 2009 Schedule Features a Particularly Interesting Panel Speaker
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PAX 2009 Schedule Features a Particularly Interesting Panel Speaker

Chuck Husemann (Twitter: @FalconGN) of GamingNexus tipped off the global gaming community that this year's Penny Arcade Expo would feature a special guest that we all know and love.

No stranger to the stage, our very own Nick Puleo will join Chuck, Kyle Orland (@KyleOrl) of Crispy Gamer, Nick Chester (@nickchester) of Destructoid, and Phil Kollar (@pkollar) of Current Gaming for a panel discussion called "WTF is the matter with video games?"

Also appearing will be Chris Paladino (@cpaladino) of Prometheum Marketing, who will moderate the discussion with Chuck. The full Penny Arcade Expo 2009 schedule went live today.

Editor's Note:  Not reflected on the media, but Kyle will be unable to attend and Phil is no longer with Current Gaming.



Sunday, 4:00pm - 5:00pm, Raven Theatre

WTF is the matter with videogames?

A panel of experienced game reviewers from across the web (Nick Chester from Destructoid, Nick Puleo from Co-Optimus, Phil Kollar from Current Gaming, and Chuck Husemann from GamingNexus ) talk about what makes a good review and how to best communicate that opinion. The panel will discuss what goes into a review, how games should be considered in the context of their release, and the value (or lack thereof) of review scores
Panelists Include: Charles Husemann [Moderator] - (Editor in Chief, GamingNexus), Phillip Kollar (Online Producer, Current Gaming), Nick Chester (Editor in Chief, Destructoid), Nick Puleo (Owner and Managing Editor, Co-optimus)


Source: Paxsite.com