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Co-Op Classics: More Genesis Co-Op Gems - Page 2

Cyborg Justice:

Cyborg Justice might seem like an average side scrolling beat em up, but there's much more to it than meets the eye, to steal a phrase from more famous robots.  Players customize their cyborg at the beginning of the game, choosing different parts for
hand, body, and legs.  Not only do the parts looks different, they play differently as well, adding lots of replay value as you and a co-op partner experiment with different builds.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars:

This sweet game was totally under my radar, a fact I'll have to correct soon.  Two players choose their favorite mutant to brawl their way through the Phalanx, a race of alien invaders.  Each mutant had unique powers and attributes, but the best part was playing as Magneto!  No other X-Men game had allowed this at the time.  Like X-Men: The Arcade Game before it and the X-Men Legends series after, X-Men 2 was a fine co-op experience.

Contra: Hard Corps:

It's Contra; really, what more needs to be said?  This was the sixth game in the series.  It's notable for several reasons.  It was the first Contra to allow players to choose a character, ranging from standard soldiers to a small robot and a cyborg werewolf!  Hard Corps also had more of a focus on boss battles than other Contra games.  Contra has long been known for great co-op and Hard Corps is no exception.

Just a few months ago, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection was released, including many of the games featured last week, and this week's Sonic 2.  Clearly, the Genesis had an effect on many gamers in the 90s.  Sega no longer makes consoles, but is one of the most solid publishers in the industry today.  We salute you, Genesis, for your contribution to console gaming, and most especially, for all the lazy days and late nights spent in co-op glory.