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Indie Games Play Session with Sol Survivor Developers
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Indie Games Play Session with Sol Survivor Developers

A new month starts today, and it brings with it new opportunities for  some co-op gaming.  A few of the developers from Cadenza Interactive, the guys that put together the co-op tower defense title Sol Survivor, along with a few folks from fellow gaming sites are holding an XBox LIVE Indie Game session today at 12:00 pm PST right now and their title of choice is... yep, you guessed it, Sol Survivor.  Gamertags for all of the devs and game site fellows can be found at this link.  As we highlighted in our recent review of the game, the title does have a few glitches, but the co-op modes, overall, are quite enjoyable.  So if you've bought the game and are looking for some relaxing, post-Halloween co-op in which to partake this afternoon, hop on now and to join in on the play sessions.

Source: Xboxhornet.wordpress.com