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Raptr offers Exclusive Prizes for Co-Optimus Readers
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Raptr offers Exclusive Prizes for Co-Optimus Readers

We wanted to remind you folks that the Summer of Raptr contest is still going on and you can still win exclusive prizes from Co-Optimus and Raptr just by heading over to Raptr, following us, and leaving a comment below.  

Each and every week you can head back to Raptr to follow the topics of the week and be entered automatically for great prizes. 

Here's what Co-Optimus is giving away:

Raptr Snuggie ($60 value)
Gunnar Shades ($80 value)
Logitech Keyboard ($100 value)
Steam Games ($60 value)

Further details of the promotion can be found right here.   The Summer of Raptr contest runs until August 31st, and Raptr will be handling the prizes for Co-Optimus.  We'll be giving away one prize a week for the next few weeks so be sure to check back!  Good luck!  

6/20/2011 @ 8:47 PM - We've just notified our Week 1 winner!