Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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adhocParty Available in Playstation Store, Walkthrough Video
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adhocParty Available in Playstation Store, Walkthrough Video

As we reported last week, Sony is bringing adhocParty, a service that enables formerly local only co-op and multiplayer PSP game to branch out a bit, to the U.S. soon.  In this case, "soon" meant "next week" as the adhocParty service is now available in the Playstation Store for download.  To go with the launch of this service, the good folks at the Sony Playstation Blog have provided a brief walkthrough video of how to get this service up and running so you can enjoy your previously adhoc only PSP co-op titles over the Internet... or can you?  Check out the video after the break to see if you caught the same caveat we did.


adhoc Party, essentially, takes select, adhoc compatible PSP titles...

Yep, that one phrase we hate to hear "select titles only."  At the time of this posting, Sony of America has not released a list of which games are and are not compatible with this new service, although the post makes specific mention of Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite so it's safe to assume those two are clear.  The Wikipedia entry for adhocParty includes a list of those games compatible with the Japanese version of the service, so at this point we can only assume those titles that were released in both countries would be compatible.

I know I'm hoping that the upcoming sequel to Valkyria Chronicles will be one of those "select, adhoc compatible" titles that will be able to take advantage of this service, but how about you all?  Are there any specific adhoc only co-op titles you don't see on that Wikipedia list that you'd like to see?