Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Three New Co-Op Indie Games Make Great Stocking Stuffers
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Three New Co-Op Indie Games Make Great Stocking Stuffers

This gaming season has been a good one for co-op gamers.  There are lots of AAA retail titles that just might be sitting under your Christmas tree, Menorah, or Festivus pole right now.  A few inexpensive, small downloadable games featuring co-op have recently become available in Xbox Live's Indie Games service.  In between long sessions of those big titles, these little co-op stocking stuffers are the perfect fit.  All of them have demos, too, so go ahead and queue them up!

Dual Zone - This one is a bit hard to describe.  Players control spaceships floating in a metal arena, and have to dodge enemy UFOs trying to collide with them.  50 levels and 2 player co-op are included. Full game is 240 MS Points.

Wool (pictured above) - Not too many games let you play as sheep dogs, but Wool does!  Up to 4 players team up to herd the sheep in the right direction through 30 levels.  Full game is 80 MS Points.

Storage Inc. - Players use forklifts to move boxes into the right areas in a warehouse.  Four players and 50 levels, all with co-op support.  Full game is 400 MS Points.