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Infinity Blade 2 Patch Unleashes a Co-Op Clashmob

Fans of frantic finger swiping combat are already familiar with Infinity Blade 2. The excellent action game is one of the most popular titles for iOS devices. A recent patch changes the game from a solitary experience into a social undertaking of thousands. The new Clashmob is a cooperative social battle where players work together to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

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Dead Rising For iPhone uses Twitter and Facebook for Co-Op

Dead Rising Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch is actually based on the first game that takes place in the Williamette Mall starring photographer Frank West.  The events and story of the game aren't identical to the original Xbox 360 title, instead they are unique to the platform.  In the game you'll be killing zombies, finding unique weapons, and of course escorting survivors - though the latter has been revamped quite a bit.  

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Co-Op Gaming to Help the Blind

Video games are for the most part a 4 sense experience - touching, feeling, hearing, and seeing.  But not all gamers are so lucky to experience everything a game has to offer, and perhaps the most difficult for those handicapped are the blind.  Without the ability to see they must rely on their other senses to get through the game's they love so much.

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Defend Twitter from Zombies in TweetDefense

It's always interesting to see some unique form of cooperative play pop up, such as that which is coming in TweetDefense.  The iPhone and iPod Touch game mashes up zombie survival modes with the tower defense genre and throws in Twitter for good measure.  Twitter?  Yes THAT Twitter.

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