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Tweet Defense is Here, Tweeting Will Never be the Same
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Tweet Defense is Here, Tweeting Will Never be the Same

Last month we told you about Tweet Defense, a unique take on the desktop tower defense genre.  Games like Pixel Junk Monsters and Comet Crash have added co-op to the genre, allowing direct player interaction, but Tweet Defense is trying co-op a different why.

By using your followers, tweets, and other twitter statistics; Tweet Defense boosts your tower stats.  Each day one of your followers can apply a specific bonus to your play session, allowing you to fight back the zombie invasion.  

The game is out now, and is priced at only $0.99 for a limited time.

I took it for a spin this afternoon, and so far it seems like a solid tower defense game.  Once you sign into Twitter in the game you'll see what each stat earns you.  For me my followers got me a 10% rate of fire increase, my friends got me a 20% range increase, and the number of tweets earned me 30% damage.  My booster tower was none other than CheapyD of CheapAssGamer.com.  

I managed to make it to the 20th wave before being overrun by the numerous zombies.  The pregnant zombie that spawns the little baby zombies is one to watch out for!

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