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Crackdown 2 Demo Gets Ruthless *UPDATE*
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Crackdown 2 Demo Gets Ruthless *UPDATE*

So you've spent a bit of time in Crackdown 2. Built up a character, collected some orbs, unlocked a few achievements, but you just want a bit more of a challenge. Today, the demo has done a little unlocking, giving you the ability to use the "Ruthless" difficulty setting while stomping around Pacific City.

Members of Cell seem to aim better, Freaks mob you more effectively, and you really get a chance to use those agency skills to the extreme this time. Make sure you bring some buddies to revive you, otherwise it's goodnight, Agent.

Update:  Today on July 1st the demo will get the Psychotic difficulty, and tomorrow on July 2nd the demo will get the Sadistic difficulty.  Crackdown 2 launches on July 6th.