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Killzone 3 Not Getting Co-Op After All
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Killzone 3 Not Getting Co-Op After All

Remember the good old days when a preview told you a game would have co-op and it meant something?  Remember when we told you Killzone 2 would never have co-op?  It's starting to look like the same might be true for the game's sequel, Killzone 3.

Despite co-op originally being rumored and then un-officially confirmed, it's now been officially least...unofficially.  We had originally thought the co-op mode was confirmed, after all, a  video preview on Sony's own PlayStation Network mentioned the mode.  Apparently though, even those videos are capable of getting their information wrong.

 "Unfortunately the Killzone 3 preview contains a piece of erroneous information about a four-player co-op mode which isn't present in the game. It was something that had been rumoured that we mistakenly picked up on as fact. Apologies for that, especially to Guerrilla for whom this has been an annoyance."

Geez, you just can't buy good reliable previews anymore.  50 Cent suggests you just go play his game on the PS3, it's all the co-op you'll ever need.  Hit that ramp Fitty!