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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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After 12 Years, StarCraft II has Arrived
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After 12 Years, StarCraft II has Arrived

Twelve years ago a little game called StarCraft was released on the PC.  A sequel in some regards to another franchise named WarCraft, StarCraft forever changed the face of real time strategy gaming.  Now over a decade later the sequel has finally arrived.  

We've only been covering StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty loosely on this site, but a release such as this on the PC is something we haven't seen in quite some time.  While sporting a brand new single player Terran campaign, complete with those gorgeously rendered Blizzard cinematic, the focus of the game is the multiplayer.  To that end the game offers three player comp stomp co-op and the revamped service and interface offers quick matchmaking into these co-op options.

The Collector's Edition (pictured above) is already becoming increasingly difficult to find.  After opening up mine last night, it's easy to understand why.  Blizzard has been known to make some of the finest fan service bundles and the StarCraft 2: CE doesn't disappoint.  It's completely worth the extra bills.  The USB dog tag is especially high quality, it comes loaded with the original game and expansion and is made of a solid resin type material that lights up when you plug it in.  Of course the art book is amazing as well.  

Finally, a word of caution if you fire up the game as this writer got bitten by this "bug" last night.  When the game asks you to name your "character" it's actually asking you to name your profile associated with the game - once you name it - you can not change it.  

So...will you be picking up StarCraft II?  Did you pick it up already?  If not we recommend you snag it at Amazon and support Co-Optimus!