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Fable III Tangible Things Come With Digital Content
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Fable III Tangible Things Come With Digital Content

It’s pretty rare that useful gaming things come with extra useful things for a game, but it looks like Fable III will be giving us quite a lot of extras with its extras. First on the list is Peter David’s “Fable: The Balverine Order,” a paperback novel to tide over hardcore Fable fans until their next Albion gaming adventure.

The book will come with a code to unlock a unique weapon in Fable III to show off to the residents of your Albion just how smart you really are. “The Balverine Order” will arrive in the states at $9.99 on October 5, including the DLC code. The next order of useful Fable things comes in the form of a really swanky looking Xbox 360 controller.

Well, okay, some people may not dig the gold swirl of the Albion crown-styled controller. The limited edition wireless controller will also come with a DLC code for an exclusive in-game tattoo. Hopefully the tattoo won’t brandish you a gold swirl, but everyone will know you have the controller. I will be picking up the limited edition wireless controller on October 5th, say what you will about that.

Source: Kotaku.com