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Fable 3

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Fable 3 DLC: Traitor's Keep Co-Op Impressions
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Fable 3 DLC: Traitor's Keep Co-Op Impressions

The latest thing to come about for the co-op-eriffic Fable 3 is a handful of DLC. We've seen dog skins, weapon packs, new locations, and a bit more storyline to supplement the royal storyline for Fable 3. Traitor's Keep is one of those storyline packs that gives you a taste of life beyond the mainland. Life in a giant island prison facility called Ravenscar Keep, and boy is it the very definition of "Oops."

You see, an assassin appears on the scene while you're in the royal chamber listening to people blather about this and that. The assassin isn't just any old random passer-by, though. He's actually a hardened criminal who has escaped from what we could compare to "The Rock" Alcatraz Island. Only the toughest of the tough criminals appear in Ravenscar Keep, and the island is a veritable fortress - and secret. Apparently the Queen/King had no idea about this island, nor the two other locations opened up by the Traitor's Keep DLC.

Your first mission is to re-secure the prison Island. Capture, defeat, or otherwise restrain the prisoners on Ravenscar Keep to regain order. Then it's down to catching the three high-security (even for the already high security keep) prisoners. They are, in order of threat: General Turner, pirate-style outlaw. Witchcraft Mary, alchemist and generally too smart for her own good. And finally, a man called Faraday, inventor and paranoid army-of-robots owner.

You'll visit two new places aside from the Keep; Clockwork Island where Faraday keeps his inventions in a theme park style setting, and the Godwin Estate where Witchcraft Mary's bloodline called home. Each of these locations has been left entirely unexplored, and they appear on your world map as islands far away from civilization.

My personal favorite for exploration and new enemies was the Clockwork Island where the robots come alive - and shoot you with stuff. The Clockwork enemies come in a variety of forms: humanoid robots that hit and shoot, doglike robots that maul, and flying bug thing robots that explode. On The Godwin Estate island you'll run into mostly familiar enemies like Hobbs and Balvarines, but they're all altered by potions that make them poisonous or otherwise more dangerous.

Ravenscar Keep holds the bandits and the crazed prisoners, and a bit of a surprise ending. But, I won't spoil that for you. I recommend playing this in co-op, since some of those beefed up enemies are pretty brutal - even for a Hero Queen/King. Otherwise the co-op works the same as the main game (which we gave a solid 3.5/5), just so long as both co-op partners have the $7 (560) DLC.