Alien Swarm

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  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Alien Swarm Just Got Brutal
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Alien Swarm Just Got Brutal

No, really - that's a literal interpretation. Okay...instead of explaining the title, how 'bout I continue with the news story, eh? Okay - in a nutshell: a really good free game just got a really good free update.

Alien Swarm (not to be confused with Alien Breed, lest the wrath of the Co-Optimus Community Swarm descends upon you!) has been updated with an increased difficulty mode called "Brutal". On top of that, you can now toggle the Hardcore Friendly Fire ruleset with the press of a button. Combine all of this with a new survival mode, called "Onslaught", which features an intricate AI director...and you've got yourself quite a predicament. Sounds like a total blast - who's in?