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New Shooter for PlayStation Move Enigmatically Titled: 'The Shoot'
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New Shooter for PlayStation Move Enigmatically Titled: 'The Shoot'

The Shoot is a new light gun game coming to the PlayStation Move.  The game will be available October 19 for $39.99.  It will have an action-hero, movie vibe:  "Listen to the director and shoot your way through five different spoofs of classic B-Movie themes: the Wild West, undersea monsters, haunted house, mobsters, and a robot invasion."  Looks like we'll be missing out on the best B-movie theme: boobs.

Details are scarce, but judging by the two different colored reticules, two player local co-op should be supported.  Oh, and there's this quote: "You can even co-star with a friend in your own action movies!" 

PlayStation.Blog has a video interview with the developers.  The video has some in-game footage that looks promising.  The destructible environments and dodge mechanic are showcased nicely.

To compliment this game, a new shooting attachment is coming out for the PlayStation Move controller, giving the Move a light gun look.  And by light gun, I mean it looks like a hairdryer.

Told ya.

Hopefully it has a cool name like 'Move-Mentome,' or 'Killatronic Kamehameha,' or 'Insane-O-Ray,' or even "Busta' Move."  What's that?  It's called the "Shooting Attachment?"  Really?  And it's first party? 

It is.

Wow.  The PlayStation Move SHOOTING ATTACHMENT will be available October 12th, and has a MSRP of $19.99.  Imagine how much it would have cost if they had paid a marketing company to name it.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com