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CCV Blogs "Things That Scare Me Sometimes" October Week 2
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CCV Blogs "Things That Scare Me Sometimes" October Week 2

It’s week two in October (half way gone already) and time for some more scares from our Co-optimus Community Blogs! This week we’re peering into the realm of Silent Hill 2 and the general idea of being scared out of your seat - literally. We’re seeing some great Co-optimus Community Blog participation this month, but we want more! Speak up, don’t be shy. Sure, we all get a little scared sometimes and I hear it really helps to let these things out in the open.

Hit up our blogs and have your voice be heard!

These things scare Datul sometimes

Once we found the horseshoe and realized you could use it to open the grate in the floor the game actually asks you: Do you want to jump in the hole? Now how the heck am I supposed to answer that. Hell no I don't want to jump into the dark hole in the blood-spattered Crazy House. Is there any possible way for me to keep going without jumping blindly into this certain death?

These things scare Sabre sometimes

Basically, as with many things, you can have good jump scares or bad jump scares. A good jump scare builds up the tension to the point that even when you know it's coming, you still leap out of your seat. It's that tension, that fear that you feel knowing that death is going to happen any second now ...no? Definatly NOW! ...oh, I guess not- AAAAAH! By contrast, a bad jump scare is just a guy going “Bleh!” out of cupboard like pretty much 99% of Doom 3. It's startling at times, but you never feel fear unless your life is low, and that's mainly because you forgot to save and don't want to have to replay the last 20 minutes.