Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption Celebrates Undead Nightmare with a Double XP Weekend
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Red Dead Redemption Celebrates Undead Nightmare with a Double XP Weekend

Red Dead Redemption has released the Undead Nightmare DLC pack, and it is awesome.  We will have an in-depth review for you tomorrow, October 29th, in time for the Halloween weekend.  To celebrate this zombie filled content, the devs are setting up a Game with Developers Night, or make that, Nights.  In addition to this, according to, there will be a double experience point weekend, as well.

Through the Rockstar Games Social Club Multiplayer Events Series, gamers can join up with Rockstar San Diego Developers for some Free Roam and multiplayer modes tonight and tomorrow.  Game modes included:  the new co-op Undead Overrun, the new Free Roam Land Grab; modes from Liars and Cheats, Legends and Killers, and the co-op friendly  Outlaws to the End!

Rockstar is showing love to both the PSN and XBL.  The dates and times can be seen above, but here they are again just in case you need to copy/paste this so you can make some flyers for your church group.

We'll be on PSN today, Thursday October 28th and on Xbox LIVE tomorrow October 29th, both from 4-7PM Eastern.

You will need a co-op buddy to meet up with Rockstar, or at least a willing stranger.  You have to have at least one member in your posse (other than yourself) to join up with the devs.  After you form a posse you just join a game mode.  Check out the Social Club Chat to see which modes the devs are playing.

To sweeten the deal reports:

Rockstar has confirmed it's also marking the spooky season with a rank boosting double XP weekend this weekend - starting 1 PM Eastern this Friday (that's 6PM UK time on October 29th), and ending 11:59PM Eastern this Halloween Sunday, October 31st (5AM UK time on November 1st.)

You can earn multiplayer XP not only from the competitve multiplayer, but also from the co-op missions from Outlaws to the End, or posse up and clear some Gang Hideouts in Free Roam.  Players can also earn XP in the new 4 player co-op mode, the frenetic Undead Overrun.  Maybe this weekend I'll finally get my Buffalo Mount. Oh, and if you have downloaded the Undead Nightmare pack, that sweet zombie John Marston, plus other undead characters, are available as Free Roam avatars.  Happy hunting!