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Red Dead Redemption to get More Free DLC and Jackalopes
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Red Dead Redemption to get More Free DLC and Jackalopes

A jackalope has been spotted on the frontier, and like some sort of demon-horned Easter Bunny, it has been hiding free DLC in our Red Dead Redemption baskets.  This new content will patch the game enabling players to see the outfits from other DLC like those found in the Liars and Cheats or Legends and Killers packs.  There are also two new outfits that will grant special abilities in the single player campaign.


The new outfits are the Savvy Merchant outfit and the Expert Hunter get-up.  Players using the Savvy Merchant clothing will grant the wearer 50% off guns and ammunition.  The Expert Hunter will get twice the amount of skins from fallen prey.  Single player challenges will accompany both of these outfits.


The Jackalope will be an added animal.  It looks like the end product of a jack rabbit and a man with antlers getting it on!  The Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack is free and will be available October 12th.


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