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Fable III Co-Op Compatability Issues Linked To Free DLC
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Fable III Co-Op Compatability Issues Linked To Free DLC

Last Tuesday many of us tried to fire up our Xbox 360 copy of Fable III to see if the co-op was up to snuff this time, only to be met with an error screen. This error screen complained about incompatible DLC between players, not allowing us to play together based on some unknown DLC error.

My initial reaction, as well as the initial reactions of many of my peers, was outrage. Many of us have loads of different DLC from various sources, including a book, a game controller, different retailers pre-order bonuses, and whatever we've decided to purchase.

Much to my relief, this message only applied to one piece of free DLC, which is the Free weapon pack. This weapon pack halted co-op, but is easily remedied at the link above. Hopefully the team at Lionhead studios get this figured out with a title update or some other way to let gamers play together without interruptions such as these.

Straight from the source: Lionhead Studios Twitter: "Make sure you both download the FREE WEAPONS DLC - http://ow.ly/32sGG - in order to play #Fable III co-op over Xbox LIVE."

Source: Co-optimus.com