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Bodycount is Delayed; Coroner Caught in Traffic
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Bodycount is Delayed; Coroner Caught in Traffic

While lost in the Texas tundra this weekend, my mind wandered to Black, an old favorite shooter game that was ahead of its time in some ways. My train of thought barreled into Bodycount - Codemasters' forthcoming follow-up game - and coincidentally the weekend headlines have revealed that the co-op bullet orgy has been delayed.

Thankfully the push is only from the first quarter of 2011 into "early summer". As we've not seen any real gameplay video or shocker news, I don't think anyone will be losing any sleep. Take your time, Codemasters, and try not to let office politics mar the production. 2011 will most likely be chock full of triple-A co-op games...we wouldn't mind a sleeper hit or two.