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Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Problems and Decibel Test
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Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Problems and Decibel Test

News from a few sources this morning talk about crosshit problems with the new Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum Kit that causes a hit on one drum to also register on the drum by it or for a red/blue hit at the same time to not register correctly.  This of course ruins your score and multiplier amounts during the game.  Also, there is a decibel test link that puts the Rock Band 1 drums up against the Rock Band 2 ones.  A bunch of information after the break.

Word of this comes in video form from Platform Nation where they show the Rock Band 1 vs. Rock Band 2 drum comparison and shows off the mishits done via hitting the red and blue pads together.  Oftentimes the hits won't register together and the yellow pad is also registering a hit if you look closely at the last half of the video.

There is news from the Rock Band Forum of how to fix the pads and it seems to work.  It also is supposedly able to be done without voiding the warranty.  You pop off the pads and use a screwdriver to give each screw some rotations and the mishits are supposedly gone.  Anyone want to try that one out?

Joystiq also ran something this weekend where they tested the decibel level of the drum kits from both versions of the game.  In many cases the new Rock Band 2 drum kit was quieter, but when hitting hard the new kit is actually LOUDER!  They even go so far as to test each pad when hitting light, medium and hard and they have varying results.  Check it out.

Finally, remember that we have Co-Op Night featuring Rock Band 2 this very Thursday!