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CES2011 Shows off New SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Headset
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CES2011 Shows off New SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Headset

CES is about gadgets. Most gadgets don’t apply to us, but when we get a solid lead on a new headset that brings players together through communication we can’t help but get a little excited. The new Steelseries Spectrum 7xb is a wireless headset that does just that for the Xbox 360. The headset features a retractable microphone, easy to use settings on the right earcup, and a few different settings to really bring players into the game.  We we're big fans of the wired 5XBs, so the 7XBs sound like a worthy upgrade.

The three settings each have a different purpose for optimizing your games or other media experiences. Performance seems to work best in co-op situations, especially when you and your buddy are sneaking through some bloodthirsty goons in Splinter Cell: Conviction and still need to communicate, or trying to figure out just where that witch is in Left 4 Dead 2 so you’re not responsible for bringing down the team.

Of course, how you utilize the headset is up to you. For the price of $149.99 sometime this spring/summer, you’ll get to choose how you enjoy your games audibly.  Now we just need one for PS3 players to enjoy their games with and we're set.

  • Performance: for directional sounds footsteps and gunfire
  • Immersion: for optimized environmental sound and game music
  • Entertainment: for increased bass levels and environmental sound when watching movies