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Fable 3 PC Spotted at CES, Release Date Still Shrouded

Did someone cast a darkness spell on the release date for the PC version of Fable 3? We’ve seen, beaten, and are just waiting for some DLC on the console Xbox 360 version, but still no word for PC gamers. CES did offer us a bit of light on the game, as it was available for previewing at the Microsoft booth just last week. Hopefully that means they’re just about ready to give up the goods and release for PC already.

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CES2011 Shows off New SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Headset

CES is about gadgets. Most gadgets don’t apply to us, but when we get a solid lead on a new headset that brings players together through communication we can’t help but get a little excited. The new Steelseries Spectrum 7xb is a wireless headset that does just that for the Xbox 360. The headset features a retractable microphone, easy to use settings on the right earcup, and a few different settings to really bring players into the game.  We we're big fans of the wired 5XBs, so the 7XBs sound like a worthy upgrade.

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Dungeon Defenders Crosses Platforms For Co-op, Shows Off Nvidia Phone Capabilities at CES

Finally looking at some cross-platforming action, Dungeon Defenders brought PC, Droid Phone, and PS3 players together at CES. Now, the Droid phone has to be pretty high powered to do something like playing in the same game as the PC and PS3 players, so Nvidia pitched in a bit to give this handheld device the boost it needed to keep up. Ripten takes a look at the specs while both Co-optimus and Ripten awe at the co-op capabilities.

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