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Too Human

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Co-Op With the Too Human Devs!
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Co-Op With the Too Human Devs!

Too Human's release has come and gone.  While the game is not perfect, it's still plenty of fun.  Coming this Friday, September 19, gamers will have the chance to play with the actual developers of Too Human. reports that from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST, ten members of the development team, including Denis Dyack, will be hacking, gunning, and bombing their way through the game.  A list of the developers' Gamertags:

TooHumanBryan (Bryan Griffiths)

TooHumanDan (Dan Lee)

TooHumanDenis (Denis Dyack)

TooHumanErik (Erik Peterson)

TooHumanHenry (Henry Sterchi)

TooHumanJenny (Jenny Guay)

TooHumanJeremy (Jeremy Andress)

TooHumanJonathan (Jonathan Chen)

TooHumanMichael (Michael Skackal)

TooHumanTed (Ted Traver)

I have to say, this sounds like fun, but the odds of getting matched up with them seem pretty slim.  However, if you're lucky enough to do so, let us know, and tell us all about your experience!