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Bulletstorm Demo Hits Tomorrow, New Trailer, New Screens
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Bulletstorm Demo Hits Tomorrow, New Trailer, New Screens

I'm sure they're fine.

A little game called Bulletstorm has a demo dropping tomorrow.  If you haven't heard of this title, that's okay.  Here's a fresh new video for you, accompanied by some new screens.  Judging from the video, there's an actual plot in this game.  I thought the story was "Kill with Skill," and then a bunch of cursing punctuated by deplorable acts of violence.  It turns out the story will embody a high brow allegory exploring the role of gaming as an art form in today's digital media.  No, I'm just kidding.  An angry dude wants revenge, and therefore rains down bullets upon his hapless foes, all while grunt-screaming how awesome everything is.  Can't wait! 

The demo itself will not have co-op, but it will allow players to play Echoes mode, which is basically a time attack mode where gamers compete for the highest score.  Playing the demo should unlock options for the game's co-op Anarchy mode.  Anarchy mode allows four players to team up and take on waves of enemies, similar to Gears of War 2's Horde Mode.  How will Bulletstorm shape up as a co-op experience?  Look for our review at the end of February.  Bulletstorm is scheduled to kick store shelves in the face February 22.  It's available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. 

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