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CCV Blogs - April Week 4, an Elite Blogger and a Great Off-Topic
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CCV Blogs - April Week 4, an Elite Blogger and a Great Off-Topic

Since this months blog topic seems to have gone AWOL a little early in the month, we've been checking out some other great blogs we've got going. In the name of community, here are the promoted blogs for the final week in April. Keep an eye out tonight or sometime early tomorrow for the Co-Optimus Community Blog topic for May. It's a collaborative effort by myself and Nick, hope you dig the topic.

First let's welcome newcomer and Elite blogger, Brent Douglas. He doesn't have an avatar yet, so we can't make fun of his representative self at the moment - but we can certainly read one of the 6 or so blog posts he's made since arriving. Cheers, Brent Douglas.

Here's an iteresting blog we snagged titled "The Effects of the PSN Outage on Personal gaming Habits" by user Grommyfrog. This blog actively discusses what the PSN outage means to users, by a user. It's even got some co-op gaming, and the emphasis on how important it is to gamers to be socially connected while gaming.

Having the PS3 on and signed into the PSN has become our social life. I sign into the PSN every evening and Mrs. Frog takes her place at the PC across the room for her Facebook gaming. We are playing games together yet separately. We are playing the games we enjoy with our individual groups of friends as if we have a house full of guests.

Over the last three years, the PlayStation network has become a large part of our lives. It is not about playing games for us. It is a way to enjoy the company of our friends. Mrs. Frog rarely plays PS3 games with the exception of flOw/ flOwer type experiences. However, she likes to listen to games and my chatter as I play at night while she tends to her city/farm on Facebook with other PSN wives. She always asks, “Is that Ned? How is he doing? Tell so and so hello for me! Is that cowboy? I need to yell at him for a minute!”

Happy blogging everyone, hope to catch you in the blog sections for May's topic.