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Battlefield 3 Ships Fall 2011, Includes Co-Op Campaign
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Battlefield 3 Ships Fall 2011, Includes Co-Op Campaign

Just yesterday I set forth a condition that DICE's "best Battlefield game ever" would have to satisfy in order to make such a claim. Your crossed fingers have done the trick, my friends. EA has announced today that Battlefield 3 will be released this fall, and will see the return of a single-player campaign, award-winning multiplayer...and the addition of a cooperative campaign.

Full details on the co-op have not been divulged yet, except for one: you will be able to lie prone. This is something that multiplayer fans clamored for in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and its Onslaught co-op mode; DICE is obviously paying heed to the entire fanbase, and we're thrilled.

Also confirmed were the return of jet fighters, and 64-player multiplayer matches on the PC version.

Finally, the below teaser trailer was released today.


I'm almost at a loss for the appropriate way to convey my excitement. I think I'll borrow the one-word line that Wesley Snipes used to so neatly wrapped up the film U.S. Marshals, when his character was asked how it felt to finally be treated properly. He said: "Righteous."

Source: Blogs.battlefield.ea.com