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  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Magicka: Vietnam Release Date Announced, New Screens
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Magicka: Vietnam Release Date Announced, New Screens

What does every wizard need?  If you said an RPG-7, you probably worked on Magicka: Vietnam, either that, or you have some weird form of Tourette's which makes you scream "RPG-7" every time you read a simple wizard query.  You should get that checked out.  Earlier this month we announced the first major expansion to the excellent four player co-op romp, MagickaWe were more than a little surprised to learn that the new content would be taking the wizards to Vietnam. Hilarious, right?  Check out the new screens after the break.

Magicka: Vietnam features a lengthy challenge scenario that puts you in the combat boots and stylish robe of a Wizard GI. Venture deep into the Goblin-Cong jungle with up to three fellow soldiers in a heroic attempt to liberate prisoners from a POW camp and face off against deadly Vietnam themed enemies. Destroy enemy positions, escape the perils of the jungle and return safely to the evacuation helicopter.  

The same great gameplay that earned Magicka a 4.5 out of 5 Co-Op Review score will be intact.  Except now there will be machine guns and napalm strikes.  Hooray!  Join up with some friends and enjoy the cartoonish horrors of war.  Oh, and don't forget, only the host player is required to purchase the DLC.  All the other players can feed off of the host's five dollar extravagance.  The DLC also includes a "new survival challenge map with increased difficulty in direct response to the request from the community."  Good for us and good for the community, whoever they are.

Magicka: Vietnam will be available for download on the PC April 12th for $4.99.  

Here's that crazy announcement trailer again, in case you missed it.