Dawn of War II: Retribution

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  • LAN Co-Op: 3 Players
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DoW2: Retribution's Dark Angels and Last Stand DLC Available April 6th
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DoW2: Retribution's Dark Angels and Last Stand DLC Available April 6th

After giving Dawn of War 2: Retribution an impressive 4.5 just a week and a half ago, we're certainly happy to hear about how Relic plans to continue to support their fantasticly co-opable RTS. As it so happens, two servings of DLC will be offered up this coming Wednesday, April 6th.

The first purchasable DLC (available for $7.50) will be the Dark Angels Pack which will give you the ability to play the Dark Angels Space Marines in multiplayer. The Dark Angels have a unique appearance from the standard Space Marines. All units have a different color scheme from the Space Marines and the eight most prominent Space Marine units have unique models in the Dark Angels chapter (e.g. the Space Marine Force Commander will be the Dark Angels Company Master with a winged helm when you play the Dark Angels).

The second DLC that launches the same day is specific to the game's Last Stand Mode (the co-op survival mode). For the reasonable price of free, this DLC will add 12 new Steam achievements, but it gets better than that. Upon each achievement unlock, you will be granted a new piece of wargear which you can equip on your hero. Imagine, achievements with functionality!

Source: Community.dawnofwar2.com

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