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Will the New Sonic Game Be Co-op?
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Will the New Sonic Game Be Co-op?

Together at last - Sonic and errr Sonic!

Hello, my name is Samoza and I am a Sonic fan.  It takes a lot for me to say this, but I feel that at Co-Optimus I am amongst friends.  Ever since the blue spiked one whizzed onto my SEGA Megadrive I have had a soft spot for his overly fast and slightly confused gameplay.  However, like any Sonic addict I've been through many years of heartache, to my shame I even spent some time with Mario.  However, now that a video for Sonic Generations is out, a new dawn is coming and the game may even be co-op.

Click Read More to see the new Sonic Generations teaser trailer.  It depicts Sonic bombing around a grayed out version of his world and eventually meeting up with another version of himself. That's two Sonics; not Sonic and Tails, Big the Cat, Amy Rose, Pete the Elephant, Austin the Asthmatic Aardvark; just two Sonics. 

The end of the video suggests that Sonic Generations will be a download only game on XBLA and PSN.  There are no solid details so far, but every now and again Co-Optimus are allowed to read a little too much into a video and partake in some good old fashioned conjecture.  I for one hope Sonic Generations will be a new co-op title in the franchise, don't you think its about time? 

Source: Youtube.com