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Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 4.11.2011
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Co-Op Release Alert for the Week of 4.11.2011

Looking for a new game to brighten your day? Nothing catching your eye?  The second week of April may not be known for its blockbuster releases, but you can still get your new game on.  This week has a little hack in slash, a little rhythm, and a little tower defense.  Oh yeah, and one of my favorite Atari 2600 games has been remade as an anime-style shooter, but I'm not bitter about it.


Dungeon Hunter Alliance (PSN) Hack and slash RPG reminiscent of Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath. 4 player local or online co-op.


Yar's Revenge (PC, 360)  Out of all the re-makes that have changed the protagonist from a giant-metal-death-fly into an anime girl in mecha armor, this may be the very best. 2 player local co-op.

Patapon 3 (PSP) Pon-pon-pata-pon. Yep, more of that, plus the Superhero Patapon.  4 player online co-op, 4 player LAN/Ad/Hoc Co-Op.


Sanctum (PC) It's a tower defense game where you can dive in and play from the first person perspective. 2 player co-op.

Here are some more titles coming out this week.  Granted, they don't have co-op, so they get no love.

Black Mirror 3: Final Fear (PC) [Google It]
Dance Dance Revolution (360) [Google It]
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (360) [Google It]
Elements of War (PC) [Google It]
Fantastic Pets (360) [Google It]
LEGO Battles Ninjago (DS) [Google It]
Man vs. Wild (PS3, Wii, 360) [Google It]
Michael Jackson The Experience (360, PS3) [Google It]
Patapon 3 (PSP) [Google It]
Rio (Wii, DS, 360, PS3) [Google It]
Spongebob Squigglepants (Wii) [Google It]
Squinkies (DS) [Google It]
TrackMania Turbo: Build to Race (DS) [Google It]
Vampire Mansion (PC) [Google It]

If we are missing a game, please, leave a comment mentioning it.  Maybe someone will see it and enjoy it.