Battlefield 3

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12 Minutes of Battlefield 3 Footage is All You'll Need
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12 Minutes of Battlefield 3 Footage is All You'll Need

While most of this video is something you've seen already, as part of the previously release Battlefield 3 "Fault Line" series, watching the entire 12 minutes of gameplay footage from start to finish is still impressive.  The video is the exact same demo that was given at GDC 2011 earlier this year, one in which many attendees were blown away by not only the graphics and gameplay...but the volume.

Perhaps the most impressive thing we've seen from Battlefield 3 is not only the impressive visuals, the intense sound, and the interesting setting of an earthquake ridden Iran - but the animations of the characters themselves.  No doubt this is thanks to the games symbiotic relationship with another EA franchise - Madden NFL Football.

There's still no word yet on the co-op campaign of the game, as this gameplay footage is most likely from the game's single player campaign, but it still gives us high hopes to see what DICE can produce.