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Co-Optimus Community Voice April Update: Week 2
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Co-Optimus Community Voice April Update: Week 2

Co-Optimus Community Voice April has had a subject that many people complain about openly, but not many have been blogging about. The theme is simple: Games that are too long, or too short to feel fully complete. We want to hear you rant! Check out our Co-optimus Community Voice blog topic, and write up a blog - we promise we'll check it out.

This months blog topic is "tl;dr" meaning any game that is either too long, or too short: "Too long; didn’t resolve," or "Too little; didn’t rejoice." Title the blog "CCV: tl;dr" and post it in the month of April. See you in the blogs.

Deriaz has an issue with how incomplete Splatterhouse is.

At least an hour. That's all I'm asking. The pacing was perfect through all of Splatterhouse 2010, and yet the ending is so rushed and the epilogue so frustratingly vague and empty that it feels like everything you just did amounted to nothing. Don't get me wrong -- I, personally, feel Splatterhouse 2010 is one of the most undervalued games I've ever played, and didn't deserve as much hatred as it got. But for what I feel it does right, I feel just as strongly that the ending ruins.