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Co-Optimus Community Voice for February 2012 - Most Anticipated Game
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Co-Optimus Community Voice for February 2012 - Most Anticipated Game

What game are you dying to get your hands on?

Last year was a year packed with AAA titles, many of which were sequels. Some people have called it "the year of threes" referring to all of the third installments of great franchises. We were so swamped with games that many smaller titles went completely unnoticed, and many of us are still trying to catch up. The good thing is, 2012 is looking awfully sparse as far as game releases are concerned, so we should have time to work on our backlog.

But what about 2012 games? It's nice to have time to work on your backlog, but developers and publishers must have something in store for this year. After paging through our release calendar, and re-reading our 2012 preview, I only see a handful of games in the second half, which is usually the busiest time of year.

Despite the slim offerings, there are some highly anticipated games that are penciled in for this year. Co-op friendly titles like Boarderlands 2, Halo 4, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and Aliens: Colonial Marines are enough to get any Co-Optimus member excited.

For this month's Co-Optimus Community Voice, we want to hear about your Most Anticipated Game of 2012. Tell us why it's your most anticipated, and convince us to preorder it. Show us the awesome screenshots, videos, or articles that really got you excited. If you have more than one game you'd like to write about, go ahead! After all, it's your blog, anything goes.

Hit the menu in the upper right and click New Blog Post to get started. As usual, the best entries will be featured throughout the month. Make sure you double check your spelling and grammar, and throw in some pretty pictures to make your post more attractive. Don't forget to start the title of your post with "CCV" so we don't miss it. Happy blogging!