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Joy! Is a New Baldur's Gate Incoming?
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Joy! Is a New Baldur's Gate Incoming?

A new teaser site has appeared hinting at a return to the universe of Baldur's Gate

The Baldur's Gate franchise remains one of my fondest memories of the Playstation 2/Xbox era.  All those years ago I played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance with my girlfriend in local co-op.  I would be the mighty barbarian rushing into attack; she would be the dwarf being forced to stay at the rear as she always got killed. We are still together, but there has been a Baldur's Gate (BG) sized hole in our lives for a long time - but with the launch of a new teaser site, perhaps our dreams of a BG future will actually happen?

So far the details on the alleged new BG are slighter than a wafer thin mint.  Essentially the site has one image and some epic fantasy music.  Any other news is open to conjecture, but what is life without a little conjecture?

Gamebansee have done some digging and the site belongs to the developers Beamdog. Beamdog in turn tease us by saying they will release more information soon, but that the site is not connected to the rumored Steam version of the game. Delving deeper into the guessing barrel, Gameinformer surmise that because Beamdog specialise in HD remakes this could be the fate for BG.  Finally, Kotaku go one step further and throw out the idea that it could be the franchise’s first foray onto iPad.

Whichever rumor is true, if any, Co-Optimus just hopes that the co-op elements of the earlier games make it into the game.

Community Question:

What would you like to see from a new Baldur's Gate game?

Which platform would it work best on?

Source: Baldursgate.com