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Fable 2 CE Gets Less CE and Less Price
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Fable 2 CE Gets Less CE and Less Price

Sometimes I'm just not sure what's going on in the industry today.  Between announcements of announcements, and the changing of feature sets to only patch them in later, it seems someone has it ass backwards. 

I've got a new one for you.  Some time ago we linked to a really sweet Collectors Edition for Fable 2.  For $79 you got yourself the game, making of DVDs, 5 Fate Cards, and a hobbe figurine as well as some in game content.  But like things breaking, they also change.  And due to some supply chain issues, the CE is no longer a big C but a little c, but the E can still be capital. 

The new $69 cE gets you the game, the DVD, the premium box, and the bonus content.  There's also going to be a free soundtrack available to download from Fable 1 and 2, but this seems to be for anyone purchasing the game.

Further details can be found here.