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Beyond Co-Op, May 14th through May 21st
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Beyond Co-Op, May 14th through May 21st

Welcome to Beyond Co-Op, a weekly piece that talks about industry stories that may or may not be related to co-op gaming.

The stories for this week:

- Duke Nukem Forever Demo Out June 3rd
-  New Alan Wake Game Possibly Coming to XBLA
- Netflix Leads Bandwidth Usages in the US
- Gotham CIty Imposters Announced
-  Witcher 2 DLC To Be Free


 Duke Nukem Forever Demo Out June 3rd

It's been a long time coming, but the Duke Nukem Forever Demo (and game) will finally see the light of day in a few short weeks.  The demo is out on June 3rd while the full game will arrive on June 10th.  Come get some.


New Alan Wake Game Coming to XBLA?

Alan Wake was one of the best survival horror releases in recent memory so there's no doubt the game is getting a sequel, right?  Well - not exactly.  Word on the street is the game is getting an XBLA release called "Night Springs" which is based on the Twilight Zone style tv show in the game.  Remedy has said its a game a slice of the team has been working on and its something that fans won't be expecting.  

Source:  1UP


Netflix Leads Bandwidth Usages in the US

Netflix and its streaming service is found on just about every console out there - and because of that combined with its embedded devices the service now accounts for 20% of all internet traffic in the United States.  That's higher than HTTP (websites) and gaming traffic.  The consoles account for 66% of the usage of this bandwidth with the PS3 leading the way with 30% of that traffic.  360 is second with 25%.

Source: Gamesutra


Witcher 2 DLC to be Free

Witcher 2 was released this past week and by all accounts its an excellent game on the PC with awesome reviews.  The game was also released DRM free.  But it gets better.  All DLC for the game is going to be free according to developer CD Projekt.  Awesome.

Source:  Gamasutra


Gotham City Imposters Announced

While Batman: Arkham City might not have co-op or any multiplayer, developer Monolith have created a new downloadable versus game called Gotham City Imposters which puts players in the shoes of Batman or Joker like characters in a first person shooter.  It'll be out later this year.

Source:  Colony of Gamers