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Starhawk Overview Video
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Starhawk Overview Video

In this video for Starhawk, Light Box Interactive President Dylan Jobe, explains some of the story and features we can look forward to next year.  As many of you know, Starhawk is the spiritual successor to the multiplayer-only game, Warhawk.  Starhawk will still have a multiplayer mode, but it will now include a single player campaign, as well as a four player co-op mode.  

In this "Overview", Jobe details the universe we will be playing in.  He even gives us a little background on the main character, Emmett Graves.   We also get to see the very promising Build and Battle system at work. Using this system, you call in air drops that literally drop new structures onto the battlefield.  Personally, I can't wait to Dorothy someone.  That's what I'm going to call it when I smack somebody with a supply bunker.  I'll shout, "You just got Dorothied, fool!"... No?  Fine. You come up with something better, and leave it in the comments section.  If you want to see more Starhawk gameplay footage, you can check out over 12 minutes of it here. (You can even see someone get Dorothied at 4:27).  Starhawk is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and will be out sometime next year.  It supports 4 player online co-op.