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CCV Blog Update June, Week 2
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CCV Blog Update June, Week 2

It's true that many gamers love to show off their stuff. Whether you have ten tv's, ten xboxes, and loads of arcades in your house, or a more modest approach with a Television and just a few consoles. I'd go so far as to say size and content doesn't matter as long as you use it. I have known a few tech addicts (you know who you are)who buy things that immediately collect dust. Anyway, our promoted blog of the week is from a staffer who fits in the modest setup category.

 TXHurricane shows that gaming is quality over quantity.

In the current world, having a minimalist setup is more than admirable - it's responsible. I have a tendency to hoard my previous gaming things, but only display what is actually used on a regular basis. The only thing that makes me a little sad about this setup, is the Xbox touching carpet. That's a sad place in my mind, but then I've had bad luck with xboxes.

Now that we've had both extremes in the gaming setup world, don't be shy. Show us what you've got, even if it's an iPod Touch with some sweet headphones, or a projector and surround sound in a theater setting. We want to see where you play, since we already know you play co-op.

Hit up the blogs section and start a new blog. Post images (clean, please) and a few words about your setup. We'll be sure to check them out and make community blog posts on our front page during the month of June for your sweet setup.