Uncharted 3 Beta Goes Public
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Uncharted 3 Beta Goes Public

Are you trying to get into the Uncharted 3 beta, but you're not a PlayStation Plus member?  Did you miss out on our awesome beta code giveaway?  Never fear, steadfast gamers, the Uncharted 3 beta goes public today!  This marks week two of the game's multiplayer beta.  You will find it as a regular item in the PlayStation Store.  I did some in-depth research (I turned on my PS3) and yep, it's available.  

There are a several Versus game types, as well as a co-op Hunters mode.  This co-op mode is a bit of a hybrid, in that it's two versus two, but one team is also bolstered by AI team mates.  The attacking team is trying to steal treasure and deliver it to a location.  You can see more information on the beta here.  The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta will run through Thursday, July 14th with next week showcasing the co-op adventure mode we previewed from E3.  Happy hunting!

Source: Naughtydog.com